[UPDATE] Gothic and Uncanny Explorations, 10-12 Sept. 2014 (Proposal deadline 15 April)

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Karlstad University, Sweden

Gothic and Uncanny Explorations

An interdisciplinary international conference

Wednesday 10 September – Friday 12 September 2014

Karlstad University, Sweden

Second Call for Papers

The gothic, as a mode or genre, has become an increasingly widespread and noticeable cultural phenomenon during the last few decades. There is also a great interest in the closely related concept of the uncanny in a number of different contexts. In addition to playing a larger role in academia, the gothic and the uncanny have been integrated in our everyday vocabulary and thinking in recent years.

This conference will explore and analyze new developments of and cultural, academic, and historical trends related to the gothic and the uncanny; we want to scrutinize transformations and meanings in different contexts. We welcome paper or presentation proposals that deal with either the gothic or the uncanny, as well as those that examine the two together.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Popular culture
Postcolonial perspectives
Transnational gothic
Fiction for children and young adults
The body
Fictional violence
The monstrous
Cultural anxieties
Theoretical considerations

Please send proposals for 20-minute papers or presentations to sofia.wijkmark@kau.se and maria.holmgren.troy@kau.se by 15 April 2014. Proposals should be max. 250 words. We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Conference homepage: http://www.kau.se/litteraturvetenskap/gothic-and-uncanny-explorations