Imperialism in/and the South (MLA 2015)

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Society for the Study of Southern Literature

How and where does an American and/or U.S. (neo)imperialist logic map onto southern spaces? Given that recent critical work has considered the U.S. South as both an internal colonial space for the founding nation as well as a source of broader American imperialisms, the Society for the Study of Southern Literature invites abstracts for projects that consider the intersection of imperialism and the South — broadly defined.

This panel aims to interrogate the region in relation to larger imperialist projects as represented through literature and other cultural texts. Such papers could consider multiple Souths as sites of imperialist logic, as a technology of (neo)imperialism within U.S. or global contexts, as a colonizing entity itself, or in any other context. We welcome papers from all historical periods.

By March 15, 2014, please submit abstracts of no more than 300 words along with A/V requirements to Gina Caison, Georgia State University, at and Stephanie Rountree, Georgia State University, at