45th ISAGA conference

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45th ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association) conference in Dornbirn, Austria
July 7 – 11, 2014

The ISAGA conference is a forum for enhancing gaming simulation and related approaches. A wide range of methods including traditional gaming methods such as computer and web‐based simulation games, board based games, role‐play games, learning games, policy exercises and scenario games etc., as well as new developments in business wargaming, digital games, game‐based learning and "gamification" etc. will be discussed.

The theme of the 45th ISAGA conference is: "The shift from teaching to learning: individual, collective and organizational learning through gaming & simulation"

For questions please write to info@isaga2014.com ; see website: http://www.isaga2014.com and download the call for paper and information brochure and other related material from our media center: http://www.isaga2014.com/isaga2014/index.php/conference/media-center