The Form(s) of Writing: Rhetorics, Genres, Media, Disciplines

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Peter Gray, Queensborough Community College - CUNY
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The Form(s) of Writing: Rhetorics, Genres, Media, Disciplines

How do formal, material, and situational constraints shape what scholars, teachers, students, and administrators write? The Council of Writing Program Administrators invites proposals for a panel at the MLA convention, to be held 8-11 January 2015 in Vancouver, BC. Under the topic, The Form(s) of Writing: Rhetorics, Genres, Media, Disciplines, we hope to bring together papers that engage diverse methodologies and approaches on writing studies research and writing program administration. Questions of form, genre, rhetorical purpose, media, and disciplinary affiliation have occupied both Writing Studies and English Studies in recent years, as both fields have sought to define themselves and their scholarship for the twenty-first century. We welcome papers that will foster a broadly interdisciplinary conversation, informed by (for example) Writing Studies, Digital Humanities, Rhetorical Genre Theory, theories of program administration, disciplinarity, and others.

Possible issues panelists might address include:

- How writing is figured in national conversations as topic, subject matter, crisis, or opportunity;
- How considerations of genre, form, and media have shaped understandings of the work written texts do at particular places and
- How pedagogy and curriculum give form to particular values for writing and within the (inter)disciplinary spaces associated with
literary, writing, cultural, and media studies;
- How particular writers--students, scholars, critics, theorists, teachers, and program administrators--might take advantage of or be
constrained by material and situational contexts for their work;
- How documents articulating programmatic vision, curriculum documents, policy statements, reports (summative and formative), etc.
constitute both research and theory of writing program administrative work;
- How different media shape not just the written products but the process of composing.

These topic ideas are intended as suggestions and not limitations.

Proposals for the panel should be no longer than 250 words and must be received no later than March 14, 2014. Proposals should be sent via email attachment to Peter Gray at Proposals will be reviewed by members of CWPA's Liaison Committee.