First International Conference in Iran on Shakespeare Studies: Not of an Age but for All Ages

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University of Tehran
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Dr. Maryam Beyad, University of Tehran
Objective: Being the first specialized seminar on Shakespeare in Iran, this conference aims to attract the attention of Shakespeare scholars and readers from different countries to exchange professional ideas and give critical comments on the diversity, versatility, global facet of Shakespeare. The popularity of his plays in today's world, bespeaks of the fact that Shakespeare's' works have broken cultural and geographical barriers. Many great and outstanding writers have appeared through different ages in literary circles, but he remains unrivaled in history of theatre. All literary schools can apply their basic principles to his plays, the Marxists, structuralists, psychological critics, mythological critics and of course New Historicism which has based its theories on Elizabethan drama. The conference sub-titles should give opportunity for all scholars and admirers of the Bard to participate.
Your topic should be related but not limited to the following:
-Shakespeare and political discourse
-localized view-Iran or any other country
- Film adaptation of the plays
-contemporary understanding/related to contemporary global issues
-Radical Shakespeare
-Shakespeare and post-modern critical theory
-cultural identity
-Shakespeare and religiosity
-demystification of power-monarch or others
-Shakespeare and popular culture
-costumes and disguise
-the art of rhetoric

Venue: Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tehran
Date: 5th and 6th November2014
Deadline: 1st July 2014
Length: 250 words, stating the selected category. Do include in the title page, name and affiliation, and brief bio-date, approximately 50 words.
Conference Fee: 65,000Tomans
International Participants: $185 (including 3 days stay at university guest house)
If you prefer to book a hotel and wish to stay longer, you may book personally through the internet.)
Conference Committee
Dr. Seyed Mohammad Marandi (University of Tehran)
Dr. Maryam Beyad (University of Tehran)
Dr. Jalal Sokhanvar (Shahid Beheshti University)
Dr. Amir Ali Nojumian (Shahid Beheshti University)
Dr. Kamran Ahmadgoli (Teacher's Training University)
Dr. Fazel Asadi (Teacher's Training University)
Dr. Helen Oliyainia (University of Isfahan)
Dr. Farideh Purgiv (University of Shiraz)
Dr. Amrollah Abjadian (University of Shiraz)
Dr. Zohreh Ramin (University of Tehran)
Dr. Ismail Salami (University of Tehran)