[UPDATE] Enjoyment: Special issue of The Comparatist

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The Comparatist
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Call for Papers: Special Issue, The Comparatist
Topic: Enjoyment
General Editor: Zahi Zalloua (Whitman College)

We welcome contributions that examine the problematic of enjoyment in comparative studies and literary theory. What is enjoyment? What constitutes enjoyment today? Who enjoys? What does it name? How do we translate it? What are enjoyment's politics and ethics? Can literature, and the arts more generally, capitalize on enjoyment? Is enjoyment still possible after ideological critique and its hermeneutics of suspicion? Topics of interest could include:

Enjoyment as jouissance
Barthes and the pleasures of reading
Žižek and enjoyment as a political category
Queer pleasures
Feminine enjoyment
Enjoyment, loss, and the death drive
Media spectacles
Theories of enjoyment and the enjoyment of theory
The distribution of the sensible

Interested contributors should submit a 1-page abstract by April 1, 2014 to zallouz@whitman.edu. Deadline for completed articles will be December 1, 2014.