Second call for papers: Distance and Proximity

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"Distance and Proximity"

The dynamics of relation are central to interdisciplinary study in the Arts and Humanities. The relational dyad of distance and proximity provides us with a rich set of spatial, affective, theoretical, and historical relations in which we can explore the dynamics that run throughout the fabric of our own cultural inquiry. Moreover, navigating the distances between disciplines enables the preservation and affirmation of the significance of "difference", cultural, sexual, artistic, conceptual and/or otherwise.

In an interdisciplinary academic environment, the negotiations and procedures involved in an exploration of distances and proximities enable us to recalibrate the relations between disciplines and methodologies, without effacing the differences which define them.

For the third annual Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference, University College London's Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry invites proposals for papers relating to the connected theme(s) of "Distance and Proximity" from scholars across a wide spectrum of disciplines. We welcome papers dealing with past as well as contemporary sources from Europe and beyond, from any disciplinary or transdisciplinary perspective. Proposals for panel discussions, performances, artistic installations and workshops are also welcome.

The aim of the conference is to interrogate and explore the concepts of distance and proximity from perspectives which might encompass the following. Other interpretations will be gladly received:

- Historicity; historical distance and the proximity of the present

- Affective or emotional closeness, psychological distance

- Space, geography, the urban environment

- Interdisciplinary relation

- Distance and proximity in literary and poetic works

- Ideological and political distances, in practice and in theory

We invite submissions from all cultural disciplines, including but not limited to:

- Literary criticism and theory

- Film studies and photography

- Politics

- History

- Modern Languages

- Philosophy

- Art

- Psychology/Psychoanalysis

- Cultural Studies

- Translation Studies

- Gender studies

Please send in an abstract (250 words), 5 keywords and a brief biographical statement (50 words) to Deadline for submissions is 28th March 2014.

A selection of contributions to the conference will be considered for publication in the Society's new journal, Tropos.

This conference is organised by The Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry, University College London.