Individual Agency Vs Hypermediated World

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Humanities Circle: International Journal of Central University of Kerala, India

Humanities Circle: International Journal of Central University of Kerala, India
(ISSN 2321-8010)

Vol. 2, Issue 2, July 2014

Focal Theme for the Issue:
Individual Agency Vs Hypermediated World

Humanities Circle is a peer reviewed biannual interdisciplinary journal of Central University of Kerala, India. Each issue of the journal initiates a multidisciplinary debate around a select theme. The focal theme identified for its July 2014 issue is Individual Agency Vs Hypermediated World. Unpublished, original research papers, project reports, critical commentaries, photo essays, professional reviews, and translations of historical/literary texts related to the theme are invited from scholars/activists around the world. All Submissions should be in English, between 5000—8000 words, in APA or MLA style.

Last Date for Submission: 31 May 2014

Brief Theme Note:
Platforms of expression, interaction, surveillance, mediation, intervention and resistance have exploded greatly in the current fast-unfolding era of multidimensional digital high technology. This makes any assumption on anything highly tentative and mediated beyond recognition. Most of our socio-cultural narratives frequently get intervened, modified and sabotaged in the contemporary hyperconnected, hyperinteractive, and hyperspontaneous world. Individuals and institutions are inextricably attached to the web of electronic traffic of ideas and contestations. Therefore, Humanities Circle thinks that it would be a highly enriching academic experience to explore the various ways in which the agency faculty of the homo sapiens is exerted in the hypermediated global order.

Socio-economic profile of digital players
Digital poverty and digital affluence
Divinity in the digital era
URL cyborgs and IRL (In Real Life) homo sapiens
Power of human agency in taming the digital beasts
What are you doing in/with the WWW?
Humanities studies at digital crossroads
WhatsApp? Implications of internet applications
Impossibility of total deletion and disappearance
Journalism on Net and Internet Journalism
Emerging genres: Selfies, Home videos, Audio-Visual-Docu-Narratives
From print-first to online-first
Piracy, hacking and online loot
E-commerce and online middlemen
Social networking sites and mass snooping
Hypermediation, non-terminality and digital labyrinth
Virtual gaming and gambling
Photoshopping: (Un)real identity and hypermediated identity
Traumatised self and transcending self in digital era
Sociology of the republic of Net
Cybercell policing, crime mapping and individual privacy

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