"Changing Humanities in a Changing World" International Conference, 27-29 November 2014

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Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University

Our world is rapidly changing, and these changes – in communication, technology, politics, the economy and the environment – deeply and widely affect people across the globe. The problems these changes cause, whether at the personal or societal level, have become increasingly and overwhelmingly complex. Today's digital world, for instance, has caused instability in the existing contrasts between globalization, nationalism and localism. It has also resulted in a reshaping of human thought and emotion. New ethics and values, new worldviews, new questions of the self, spirituality, and identity, have emerged even as some of the old standards persist. This requires a new understanding of the world and our societies beyond the existing frameworks. Scholarship in the humanities must adapt, both in its epistemological and methodological assumptions, to facilitate critical thinking and better responses to these challenges and complexities. The humanities, not in its confined, narrow role and specialization in language and communications, but in its broad approach to surrounding socioeconomic, political and cultural conditions, need to be rethought.

We would like to welcome papers (a full paper around 20-25 A4 pages, 12,000 – 15,000 words, along with an abstract, 500 – 600 words, in English or Thai) BEFORE August 18th, 2014 in the following areas:

- Research Methodologies in the Humanities
- Creativity, Critique, and Spirituality
- The Polemics of the Self and the Ethical Life
- Globalization and Localism from a Humanistic Perspective
- Cultural Studies in the Humanities
- Digital Humanities
- Communication and Identity
- Poetics of Politics / Politics of Poetics