Anthologies in/and/of Modernism (MSA 16: 6-9 November 2014)

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Patrick Collier
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Given 1) the ongoing expansion of modernist studies in "temporal, spatial, and vertical" directions (Mao and Walkowitz) and 2) a renewed interest in textual materiality and modernist institutions (Jeremy Braddock's Collecting as Modernist Practice), the time would seem right for a thorough reconsideration of literary anthologies in/and/of modernism.

I am seeking papers for a panel at the Modernist Studies Association conference in Pittsburgh that will newly theorize, contextualize, and interpret anthologies as cultural artifacts. Welcome lines of inquiry include: generic and bibliographic codes of anthologies; re-thinking insurgent anthologies; the changing cultural function of anthologies; anthologies as constructing, complicating, critiquing, or destroying canons; anthologies as textual commodities; anthologies and education; anthologies as imperial gestures and/or imperial commodities.

Contact Patrick Collier at by April 30, 2014.

This CFP is for a proposed panel for the Modernist Studies Association Conference to be held in Pittsburgh on November 6-9.