Call for Papers: Special Issue of Journal of Popular Television

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Julie Taddeo and Ken Dvorak, co-editors
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Call for Papers: Special Issue of Journal of Popular Television
Themed Issue: Extreme Reality TV
Co-Editors: Julie Anne Taddeo and Ken Dvorak (co-editors of The Tube Has Spoken: Reality TV & History, UPK, 2009)
The popular success of reality TV has prompted its producers to seek even more extreme and taboo subject matter, from individuals confessing addictions to eating diapers (My Strange Addiction, TLC) to those engaging in the swinging lifestyle (Secret Sex Lives: Swingers, Discovery Health). Has reality TV become the latest incarnation of the "freak show," titillating viewers, or do these programs help to educate them, normalizing the extreme?
Our focus for this special issue is to define what sets the "extreme" apart from other types of reality TV; how do programs that showcase extreme behaviors, bodies, and lifestyles interrogate social/political/cultural concerns? We welcome contributions on American and international reality TV programs; authors must explain how they represent "extreme" in its various manifestations. We especially welcome submissions that examine "transmedia storytelling" that encourages viewers to explore additional content provided by social and traditional media outlets.
Deadline for 1000 word abstract: June 1, 2014
If accepted, 6,500 word essays will be due Nov. 30, 2014
Acceptance is conditional, upon peer review, and must follow Intellect Style guidelines which can be accessed at,id=216/

Please send abstract and brief CV to:

Julie Taddeo; Email:
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