What do we read? Considering the content of composition classrooms.

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Elizabeth Kalbfleisch, PhD/Southern Connecticut State University

CCCC 2015 panel

What do we read? Considering the content of composition classrooms.

As it does every decade or so, reading in the writing classroom, or the relationship between reading and writing is enjoying its routine renaissance. In the past year there have been special issues of high profile journals like Across the Disciplines and Pedagogy, as well as edited collections like Reconnecting Reading and Writing that indicate a moment of renewed interest in this topic. When we consider reading and writing togehter, generally the focus is on what reading is or how we read and how we teach reading. However, the question of what we read in writing classrooms is considered less often and when it is, the conversation struggles to move beyond the usual "literature vs. not literature" divide. The writing-about-writing movement has addressed the question of what is read in writing classrooms but even there this question is secondary to larger issues of professionalization and transfer.

This panel, then, wishes to collect interested scholars to revisit this question: what should the central text(s) be in a writing classroom? What local and national forces shape the reading choices we make for writing classrooms? What are the various institutional factors that shape these decisions? What innovative approaches are being taken to the question of content on the national stage? Because there has been a voluminous amount of work done on literature in the composition classroom and on the reading of writing studies scholarship in WAW approaches, this panel is hoping to explore approaches beyond those well-developed conversations.

There is a hope that an edited collection on this topic will follow a stimulating CCCC session!

If you are interested, email me with a talk or paper abstract at kalbfleisce1@southernct.edu