Inaugural Conference of the International Association of Literary Linguistics (15-17 April 2015)

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Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Germany)
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Literary linguistics – that is, research exploring the interface of two academic fields all too often deemed irreconcilable – has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years, as a growing number of scholars have come to acknowledge the value of this kind of interdisciplinary endeavour. The aim of this conference is to take stock of the scholarly work conjoining linguistics and literary studies, identify current research interests and point out possible future directions of the field.

The organisers invite proposals for 20-min papers addressing the conference's special topic, "Research Agendas in Literary Linguistics". They may cover (but are not limited to) issues such as the following: Cognitive processes in language processing, comprehension and literary form; foundations of metaphor, metonymy, irony and related figures of speech; modern theoretical approaches to argumentation and comprehension in relation to traditional concerns of rhetoric; cognitive, aesthetic and emotive impacts of figures of speech and style; appraisal, intertextuality and dialogism.

More recently, the rise of multilingualism in the wake of globalization has given the study of multilingualism more prominence. Increasing multilingualism surely affects literary productions of multilingual societies. In addition to the general topics outlined above, we therefore invite contributions to the study of multilingualism in literature. This topic will also be discussed at the conference Multilingualism in Baltic-Sea Europe, to be held in Mainz 13-15 April 2015 (

Please post short proposals (300 words) by 15 May 2014 to:

Selected papers will be published in the Open Access journal International Journal of Literary Linguistics (