Conference and Publication: On Literary Influence: Europe/America (Fall 2014, Germany)

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Cusanuswerk Germany

The Cusanuswerk is the scholarship body of the Catholic Church in Germany and awards government scholarships to exceptionally gifted researchers in all branches of academic study. For more information, please visit

--- Conference and Publication: On Literary Influence: Europe/America ---

The Cusanuswerk invites academic personnel, advanced PHD-candidates and Post-Doctoral researchers to submit previously unpublished papers on the topic of 'INFLUENCE' between the literary cultures of Europe and America.

The purpose of the publication and preceding conference is to ruminate on the question of 'influence' between the literary realms of Europe and America in both literary theory and actual interpretations of literary works, putting into new light Roland Barthes' famous assumption that "Any text is a new texture of past citations. Bits of code, formulae, rhythmic models, fragments of social languages etc. pass into the text and are redistributed within it . . ."

This conference and publication project aims to explore a wide range of themes that are relevant for the philosophy of literature, for literary criticism and theory, and for practical readings of literary texts, that utilize a contemporary approach on the realm that surrounds the various models of 'influence.'

We aim to bring together a number of scholars from all departments of literary studies to discuss a series of shared issues. The hope is to bring about a heightened appreciation of the variety of approaches that are possible in each case.

The conference will be held in Cologne, in mid Fall 2014 (exact date to be announced). The publication shall follow soon thereafter.

Please send full papers and a one-page CV to Mr. H. Orthen at For applicants that would require a VISA for traveling to Germany, please indicate so on your CV.

Submissions will be considered as they arrive (blind peer-review), and consideration will continue until end of May 2014.