Journal of Ghosthumanities CFP (June 9, 2014)

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Journal of Ghosthumanities


The Journal of Ghosthumanities is a new scholarly journal, devoted to the study of ghosthumanties. Ghosthumanities is the study of traces, imprints or reflections of bodies which have been lost, discarded or ignored, physically or in theory. Ghosthumanities is a posthumous answer to posthumanities, an answer which is so "post" as to have come full circle and (probably) be (questionably) alive again. Ghosthumanities includes in its collection of bodies those which are somewhat human, decidedly animal, multispecies, single celled, vegetal, governmental, and other agentic assemblages.

We are now inviting submissions for our inaugural issue, to be published online in January 2015. The Journal of Ghosthumanities welcomes submissions of papers and academic essays, as well as images, performance documentation, transcripts, zines etc. We are willing to work with contributors in developing appropriate content formats. Successful submissions will demonstrate a rigorous and original mode of analysis, awareness of and empathy towards other modes of thought, and flexibility.

Some potential topics to consider:
the meaning and practice of concern
good and bad bacteria
healthy and/or green lifestyle media
death sentences
stray animals
plant neurobiology
ambivalent service animal relationships
invisible assistive technology
forgotten etymologies

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be sent as email attachments to Please send all attachments as PDF or Word documents. No more than 5,000 words or 5-10 images. If a link to your website or online work makes more sense, the link will be accepted.

All work must be received by JUNE 9TH, 2014.

We will contact you within 4 weeks of receiving your submission.
For more information, please email Or, see: