American Road Literature--A Book Collection

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William Allegrezza
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The American road--the works are there, stretching from Whitman through Keroauc to Gudding. I am looking for scholarly articles that examine some aspect of American road literature. The pieces could deal with novels, poetry, or theory. They could be examinations of individual pieces, explorations of road theory, or research into the gendered nature of the road. Really, anything that relates to the American road would be considered.

I have not pitched this to a press yet, but I do not expect to have that much difficulty doing that if the articles are good. That said, I would like to use a university press for this book.

This project is just getting started, so the deadline for the full-article would not be until January 1, 2015. All I am looking for now are abstracts, though full articles are, of course, welcome.

Send an abstract and your vita to by August 15th, 2014.