Ejournal-Call for Scholarly Essays on Latin@ literature -June 30, 2014

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Label Me Latina

Label Me Latina/o (www.labelmelatinao.com) is an online, refereed international e-journal that focuses on Latino Literary Production in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The journal invites scholarly essays focusing on these writers for its biannual publication. Interviews of Latino authors will also be considered. The Co-Directors will publish creative works and interviews in English, Spanish or Spanglish whereas analytical essays should be written in English or Spanish.
Scholarly submissions should be between 12-30 pages in length and should follow the MLA Style Manual. Please use End Notes rather than Footnotes and place page numbers in the upper right hand corner. Original, unpublished submissions in Microsoft Word should be sent electronically to both of the co-directors: Kathryn Quinn-Sánchez ksanchez@georgian.edu and Michele Shaul shaulm@queens.edu Label Me Latina/o is indexed by the MLA International Bibliography and is listed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals.
Scholarly articles under consideration should not be submitted elsewhere.
Deadline for the Fall 2014 issue: June 30, 2014.
Please include the following information in the body of the email:
• Full name
• Institutional Affiliation
• Telephone number
• Email address
• Regular mail address
• Title of the submission
• A brief biography to be included with publication should your submission be selected.
Please make sure that the actual manuscript bears no reference to the author's name or institution.
Label Me Latina/o is an academic journal and as such follows the parameters of definitions set by the academic community. In that community when we refer to Latina/o Literature, we are referring to writers of Latin American heritage that live and write in the United States. These can be first generation Latino or fifth but they live and work here in the U.S. Some of these writers write in Spanish, others write in Spanglish like the Nuyorican poets and many of them write in English with a little Spanish thrown in (or not). Scholarly essays should address the work of these writers.