Sustaining Oneself in Today's Academic Job Market - SAMLA 2014 Nov. 7-9 - Atlanta, GA

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Belinda Wheeler
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Special Session (Roundtable): 2014 SAMLA Conference (Atlanta, GA)

Today's job market is brutal. The market – starting as early as July and lasting as long as the following June – can be debilitating to one's health (emotional and physical), relationships, scholarship, and teaching. Further problematizing the situation, job seekers are often on the market for more than one year which can lead to fatigue and burnout. Given the exhausting nature of the market, job seekers must have a toolkit to help them survive this trying period.

This roundtable seeks to bring together a diverse range of individuals (different disciplines, backgrounds, appointments, etc.) who have successfully navigated the market in numerous ways.

The organizer seeks participants who can briefly discuss their recent journey on the job market and also provide current job seekers with key strategies about how to survive the market.
Email 250-word abstracts, 150-word bios, and AV requirements to by June 15.