(SAMLA 86) Old English Lit: Things Matter [extended deadline]

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SAMLA 86: Sustainability and the Humanities
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In the Introduction to the collection Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects, editor Jeffrey Jerome
Cohen remarks, "Things matter in a double sense: the study of animals, plants, stones, tracks, stools, and
other objects can lead us to important new insights about the past and present; and that they possess
integrity, power, independence and vibrancy" (7). Building on the concept that Things do, in fact, matter
(or that matter matters), this panel invites papers exploring the duality of material/natural objects, such as
animals, plants, and stones, in Old English texts, and what the relationship between a text's objects and the text's ethics may teach us about the culture from which the text emerged. Please submit a 200-300 word abstract, CV, and A/V requirements to Dan Abitz, Georgia State University, at