SCMS 2015: Asian Comics and Graphic Novels - Deadline: July 20, 2014

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Areum Jeong / UCLA
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I am organizing a panel for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies annual conference which will be held March 25-29, 2015 at Montreal.

This panel looks at the relationship between nation and visuality, in particular, the visualization of Asian comics and graphic novels in cinema. Focusing on Asian comics and graphic novels and their filmic adaptations, the panel explores how such works represent performances of everyday life and/or political critique across the continent.

How do comics and graphic novels and their filmic adaptations confront national history and memory? How do such works represent and/or misrepresent a particular national identity? How do such works construct race or gender in a nation? How do such works represent minoritarian figures? What forms of adaptation and/or translation exist for images of comics and graphic novels that make national and/or transnational cinemas possible? And what happens when those imagined communities move from one nation to another or remain in the interstice between nations?

Paper proposals of 300 words should be sent to Areum Jeong at by July 20, 2014.