[UPDATE] Rereading, Revisiting, and Reinventing Faulkner for the 21st Century / SAMLA 86, Nov. 7-9 / Abstracts Due Jun. 15

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The William Faulkner Society / South Atlantic Modern Language Association

This panel seeks papers that explore and excavate SAMLA 86's themes of sustainability and renewal in the works of William Faulkner. As the geographical compass of Faulkner Studies has shifted ever southward and Faulkner criticism has embraced postcolonial, transatlantic, and digital humanities readings of his work, we believe the time is ripe for scholarly reconsiderations of those works otherwise thought to be critically overexposed. We interpret the terms "sustainability" and "renewal" broadly and invite abstracts that approach Faulkner's work from a unique textual or theoretical perspective, particularly those that seek to revise, reinterpret, and/or reinvigorate Faulkner criticism for the 21st century. The panel especially welcomes abstracts that offer new and novel approaches – critical, historical, or pedagogical – to Faulkner's most popular and most taught works. By June 15, 2014, please email abstracts of 250-350 words and A/V requirements to Harper Strom, Georgia State University, at hstrom@gsu.edu, and Ulf Kirchdorfer, Darton State College, at ulf.kirchdorfer@darton.edu.