[UPDATE] Writing the Range Conference (Nov 14-15, 2014)

full name / name of organization: 
Angela Sowa / University of Denver

Keynote Speakers: Jessica Enoch and Scott Wible

The Front Range, the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains, extends about 300 miles from Wyoming to southern Colorado, demarcating the boundary between the plains to the East and the Rockies to the West. The label "Front Range" names the mountain range itself, and it also names the north-south corridor of major cities in the region. In this area of urban centers, rural farmlands, resort towns, and remote wilderness, a notable range of climates, geographies, ecosystems, and built environments abounds. We imagine this idea of "range," along with the boundaries, intersections, interstices, and overlaps it includes, as a conceptual touchstone or a jumping-off point for thinking about writing.

The 2014 Writing the Range conference thus calls us to consider the range of our work: the spaces within and boundaries around the ways we define, characterize, teach, and represent writing in the 21st century. The Writing the Range conference invites teachers, scholars, and students to join in ongoing conversations about the range of possibility implicit in writing and writing instruction.

Possible topics include but are not limited to the following:

● Where does student writing take place now, both within and outside of FYC? How has it expanded, in mode and purpose? And what publics does it address?

● How should we expand the range of our writing instruction, given recent emphases upon digital and/or hybrid classrooms, service learning classrooms, and other revisions of instructional spaces?

● What artifacts of writing and writing instruction currently matter?

● What range of institutional models is available to us, as tenured or non-tenure track instructors, as contingent laborers, as WPAs, as graduate students?

● How has an increasingly global learning environment shaped our instruction practices as we attend to multilingual and/or local rhetorics?

● How are WAC/WID models changing or persisting across campuses?

● How do we recognize student writers and student writing? As civic journalists and bloggers? In what range of publications?

To facilitate participation by students as well as faculty, we encourage a range of presentations and formats: 1) 15-20 minute individual presentations; 2) multi-speaker panels of 75 minutes; 3) student/faculty or cross-curricular roundtables or presentations of 75 minutes; 4) 15-20 minute readings or presentations of creative work; 5) posters; or 6) other proposed formats.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

Please submit all proposals, in the body of your email, to writingtherange@gmail.com by June 28. Submissions should include the following information:

● Name, rank, and affiliation of presenter(s)

● Contact information

● Proposal of no more than 200 words for individual presentations and 400 words for panels and roundtables, not including title. Please include a sentence indicating the format and approximate length of the proposed talk/reading/presentation.

Questions? Please contact Angela Sowa at writingtherange@gmail.com.