Special Session: "Rethinking Cold War Girls' Literature," Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA), Detroit, Nov. 13-16.

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Amanda K Allen, Eastern Michigan University
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Both "Cold War" and "girls' literature" have been criticized as terms that obfuscate the complexity of the concepts they represent. "Cold War" has been described as limiting, or too narrow to encompass all facets of American cultural production during its era. "Girls' literature," similarly, has been criticized for suggesting uniformity in readership (and editorial intent) that creates a false canon of texts. This panel investigates the intersection of these broad terms to rethink the misleadingly simple question: what is Cold War girls' literature?

Papers may investigate any aspect related to Cold War girls' literature (broadly defined), including:
•silences or articulations of Cold War politics within texts for girls
•the gendering of Cold War era texts for children or young adults
•cultural materialist examinations of textual production during the postwar/ Cold War era
•Cold War girls' literature in international context
•Cold War era book challenges in schools and libraries
•impact of federal initiatives in education on a canon of "girls' literature"

This special session has already been accepted by the MMLA.

By June 22, 2014, please submit a 300-word abstract, a short bio, and A/V requirements to Amanda K. Allen, Eastern Michigan University, at aallen36@emich.edu.