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Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism
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Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism ( is a peer-reviewed open-access journal, and a joint venture between the Universities of Warwick, Reading, and Oxford. Its particular commitment is to publishing rigorous but accessible critical readings of film and television that grant sustained attention to texts' detail, style, artistry, and aesthetic dimensions. We also welcome articles that illuminate concepts, analytical methods and questions in aesthetics that are of significance to the practice of criticism.

We are currently inviting submissions for Issue 6 (edited by Lucy Fife Donaldson and James MacDowell). While all submissions will be considered, we are particularly interested in receiving work on the subject of texture in film and television.

Texture has more commonly been discussed in relation to visual art, design, music and literature than film. In these other disciplines, texture usually refers to the tactile or material quality of a work's surface, patterns of sound, or the 'concrete' properties of language. Texture necessarily has an important sensory dimension: it expresses the sensuous 'feel' of a medium, material, or environment, and thus invites consideration of the affective and sensorial relationship between text and spectator, a growing field of focus for philosophical approaches to film. Yet texture also offers a corresponding opportunity for attending to the importance of stylistic decisions - to an aesthetic object's details, patterns, and overall shapes. Addressing texture in the context of film and television criticism thus involves attention to the fine-grained decisions observable in a text's realisation, and can enrich discussions of not only the sensuous aspects of spectatorship, but also of film/television art. We thus seek submissions that consider the significance of this critically-overlooked aspect of film and television.

Articles should be no more than 8,000 words in length, and should be submitted as email attachments in Word format to Please read our style guide before submitting. The deadline for submissions to Issue 6 is 1 November 2014.

Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism is also interested in receiving work for the following ongoing sections:

'Opening Shots'
This regular section consists of shorter critical pieces, usually focused on a single film or television programme. Appropriate approaches might include short articles drawing attention to valuable movies that are rarely seen and too little discussed (perhaps because not widely available), pieces focused on individual moments of a film/programme, or works of 'visual criticism' centred around images.

Digital style and meaning
We continue to seek pieces that assess the achievements of particular digital films and film practices, and which help develop a language of analysis with regard to them that will enable and enrich the kinds of close reading associated with Movie's tradition of criticism.

Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism is published annually.