Coreopsis Journal Fall/Winter 2014/15 . Vol 4 # 1: Earth Tales: The Challenge Ahead.

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Coreopsis; A Journal of Myth & Theatre

Paper Call: Coreopsis Journal Fall/Winter 2014/15 .
Vol 4 # 1: Earth Tales: The Challenge Ahead.
Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D. Editor
Publication date: January 2014
Deadline: December 15, 2014

A "conversation" has developed in many parts of the world concerning Global Climate Change. As artists and scholars it is our job to observe the world around in detail. What is the role of artists (visual, theatre, music, literary, ritual performance) in the coming century as the effects of Global Climate Change increase?

The environmental stresses caused by global climate change have become an important part of that ongoing "conversation".
A special issue addressing the ways that artists and performers are approaching the challenges ahead. Topics to include, but are not limited to:

* Ideas can be communicated through song sometimes better than any other medium. How does this process aid (or, not) the dissemination of information regarding climate?
* Stories and personal myth – oral history, folk lore studies – the art of "story-catching"
* Theatre – how are troupes, playwrights, and other theatrical concerns addressing climate change in their works…?
* Art in spiritual practice – ritual theatre artists may be in a special place to create understanding concerning the challenges ahead, how and why should climate change be addressed in this context …?

Coreopsis: A Journal of Myth and Theatre
Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D., Editor
Seeking the Truth of the Human Heart Spring/Summer 2014; Vol 3 No. 2 Summer 2014
"…where the quantum uncertainties of space and time are resolved only in the depths of the human heart." UK Le Guin, notes, Four Ways to Forgiveness.