"Making Something Happen: Poetry & Citizenship" NeMLA 2015; due Sept 30, 2014

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Kirsten Bartholomew Ortega / NeMLA
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"Making Something Happen: Poetry & Citizenship"

This panel seeks papers that consider how poetry and citizenship can intersect to "make something happen." With Adrienne Rich's notion of poetic "commitment" in mind, papers may respond to questions such as: How have poets responded to the obligations of citizenship; How have they considered the politics of citizenship in relation to immigration? What effect do representation of politics and response to political events in poetry have on issues of citizenship? How do poets create an aesthetics of social justice and political equality? What is the effect of resistance, dissidence, and revolution in poetry?; of community formation?; of colonization and imperialism?; of nation building and maintenance?; of patriotism? How do poets revise poetic aesthetics to include politics?

250-350 word paper proposals due: September 30, 2014
Please include name, affiliation, and contact information.

Submit proposals on the NeMLA website: www.nemla.org. Create a user account and submit proposal to session ID#15137. For online submissions information, contact: websupport@nemla.org.

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Northeast Modern Language Association Conference (NeMLA)
April 30-May 3, 2015
Toronto, Canada