CFP: Tarantino's Moral Universe, NEMLA 2015 Conference, Toronto, 4/30-5/3 2015

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Andrew Schopp
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Quentin Tarantino's films situate characters within groups/institutions that are morally suspect (e.g., drug dealers, hit men, assassin squads, Nazi Germany, American slavery); in doing so his films interrogate the parameters within which we frame moral codes. While we can trace such moral inquiry back to Pulp Fiction, where hit men paused to debate the morality of massaging your boss's wife's feet, the stakes of his filmic investigations have become increasingly more historically and culturally significant as his embrace of the revenge drama has taken on Nazism in Inglourious Basterds and American slavery in Django Unchained. In the process, his films both revitalize and meld filmic genres (gangster, samurai, family melodrama, war, western, blacksploitation, etc). This panel seeks papers that trace Tarantino's moral vision, especially analyses that consider how his films manipulate/explode formalist conceits and boundaries to engage the audience in investigating individual and collective morality.

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