Shakespeare, National Origins, and Originality (Collected papers) Submit by April, 30

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Multicultural Shakespeare Journal
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Shakespeare continues to feature in the construction and refashioning of national cultures and identities in a variety of original forms. Recent discussions about originality, now and then, have forced us to re-assess what we mean by Shakespeare, for originality not only travels backwards in time to a (perhaps mythologized) point of an "origin" but also refers to the "original" interpretation of Shakespeare today, one that–by definition of its newness–disrupts the continuity of tradition, and provides a transversal glimpse of a differential perspective. In the light of these views that demand a re-valuation of Shakespeare as original author, we need to rethink the idea of "Shakespeare originality". Thus the volume will explore literary and cultural origins as well as new original ways of appropriating, interpreting and re/producing Shakespeare today in different cultures, contexts and media

Submit by April, 30