Righting Feminism for Themed Issue in New Formations

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Dr. Catherine Rottenberg and Sara Farris, guest editors

In recent years, we have witnessed the multifarious ways in which feminism as an emancipatory project dedicated to women's liberation (whether conceived in liberal, radical, or Marxist terms) has increasingly "converged" with non-emancipatory/racist, conservative, and neo-liberal economic and political agendas. This issue aims to move beyond the well-worn economic-culture dichotomy that tends to inform many of the current discussions about feminism's "co-optation" and to provide a multi-dimensional theorization of how and why feminism has, in certain contexts, increasingly ceased to be an oppositional discourse. The questions this issue aims to address include: What are the concrete forms of such convergences and why are they taking place with greater frequency? Why might neo-conservative forces and parties with a racist and/or neo-liberal agenda desire to co-opt the emancipatory promise of feminism? What purposes does the mobilization of feminism for non-emancipatory projects serve? Is this co-option merely a strategic ruse or a "natural" (even teleological) folding of certain elements of liberal feminism into these neoconservative movements? How are such convergences affecting the ways in which we can understand the intersection of gender, class, sexuality and race? What alternative politics can and should we propose to counter the evacuation of feminism's emancipatory impetus?

We welcome abstracts of up to 500 words. Please send to rightingfeminism@gmail.com by September 1, 2015.

Decisions will be made within six weeks. Contributors whose abstracts have been accepted will be asked to submit their papers within approximately six months (March 31, 2016).