The Womanist Mystique: A Symposium on Scholarship and Activism

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Destiny Crockett/ Undergraduate at Princeton University
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"The Womanist Mystique: A Symposium on Scholarship and Activism" will be a one day long event held on Princeton University's campus on February 6th. We are accepting papers now, and will stop accepting papers on December 1st. The brainchild of an undergraduate student, this event welcomes all scholars, but particulalry undergraduate researchers to submit their papers for presentation.

Why do we need womanism? How do the differences between Black feminsm and womanism guide scholarly thought and activism? How do we see he two play out in literature (for example: Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston, Maya Angelou)? How have we seen it unfold in movement spaces? What do we make of the representations of Black women, both historically and contemporarily?

This symposium will bring together academics and scholar activists to the historical materialization of a scholarly movement that began with women such as Anna Julia Cooper and Mary Church Terrell, continued through activists Ella Baker and Diane Nash during the Civil Rights Movement, and is now both an intellectual movement with Kimberle Crenshaw, Dorothy Roberts, and many others, and is also materializing within the Black Lives Matter movement. We will do this through panel presentations and discussions on literature, the histrory of Black women's activism, and will be a space for both the theorist and the activist. Paper topics can range from a critical analysis of a work of literature, to coverage of a historical or contemporary movement, to any critical analysis of a historical phemena that has disproportionately impacted Black women.