Iranian Immigrant Women in Canada:Economic Security Among Iranian Immigrant Lone Mothers( Oct 19th, 2010)

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Giti Eghbal Kalvir, Simon Fraser University
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This thesis examines recent Iranian immigrant lone mothers in Vancouver, B.C., and their financial challenges after migrating to Canada. Adjusting to a new society, experiencing unemployment, being a victim of abuse, suffering through poverty, and lacking enough supportive networks are experiences that immigrant lone mothers in Canada frequently face. I began this study with a "personal life connection". The idea came from the dissonance between the needs of Iranian immigrant lone mothers and established structures and practices in Canadian society and the Canadian labor market. As an insider researcher, I utilize focus group interviews followed by a questionnaire/indepth interviews to analyze how marital status and immigration status among Iranian women have a "double-negative effect". This thesis is an exploration into the extent of the challenges Iranian immigrant women face, and their relationship to the issue of poverty, particularly the challenges of finding a job in Canada.
Key Words: Iranian immigrant lone mothers; Vancouver, Canada; Financial challenges;
immigrant stories.