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Kim Wells
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"Women Writers: A Zine" has moved, so anyone interested in information,
for staff or occasional writer positions, or any other general Zine type
should check the new site URL:
Please be sure to check out the page that describes the difference between a
"staff" and "occasional" writer, and see sample "bios"
before sending your information. The direct URL for that page is:
Finally, we are now accepting original poetry (minimum of 5 poems must be
submitted) and
short fiction. If you would like an opportunity to feature your creative
work on the
Internet, on a site that gets over 1000 visitors a month, please check us
out. Eventually,
we will create a "network" of women writers' sites and will offer easy to
get websites for
women writers of all levels of experience and styles.
We are a mixture of "academic" and less-serious writers, and the discussion
list and community
are thrilling and the new (we hope) direction for scholarship.
Hope to see you there!
Now Hiring: (Sort of)
Women Writers, an E-Zine Reference Guide to women authors & resources on
the Internet is looking for contributors. See site for details and

Are you interested in contributing an article/rant/editorial/book review
to Women Writers' editorial page? Or, would you like to become an
official "staff writer?" The pay is, at this time, only the addition on
your resume/vita (you get to say you're a writer) but maybe, if we're a
big success, we might get to actually pay money some day! Notoriety *is*
a pretty good currency for some--

If you're interested in applying for a position, send a sample essay on
a women writer/ a book review, or a rant about some woman's literature
related topic to the editor. Length may vary, but make sure it's between
200 and 1000 words.... Submissions that make use of Internet resources
(links to other sites, book reviews, books for sale) will be
particularly well received.

Also include a bio (see here for sample) and, if you have "the
technology" a photo. (If you don't have a scanner or digital picture, we
can get around that when we get there...) Also include in the email
whether you'd like to be an "occasional" contributor or regular "staff."
You don't have to be a "journalism" major, or to be an experienced
columnist but you do have to write well.

"Academic" articles as well as more 'personal essay' style contributions
are welcome. Graduate students, staff, professors, professional
scholars and anyone else who might like to write for this up and coming
site contact: < kwells_at_texas.net >

Submitting your application/article does not mean you will be accepted.
All submissions that are not used will go in the "Recycle" bin.....
Kim WellsEditor,Women Writershttp://www.womenwriters.net

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