UPDATE: "The Woman Question" in 19th C. America (1/20/05; journal issue)

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Special Issue
The Woman Question

ATQ announces a special issue for 2005 on "The Woman Question" in
nineteenth-century America. One might argue that such a question did not exist
because there is no one time when "the question" was asked and answered;
nevertheless, "The Woman Question" did occur as a specific, a public, and an
ongoing debate during the nineteenth and into the twentieth centuries in the
United States. The Question is as relevant at the beginning of the
twenty-first century as it was from 1873 to 1915 in part because the debate
continues. With this in mind, a re-examination of the Question's causes and
effects in light of the twenty-first century as well as recent developments in
literary, cultural, and gender studies seems appropriate.

Articles might explore, but are not limited to, the following topics related
to "The Woman Question":

-the influence of science, sociology, psychology, or anthropology
-Charles Darwin's, Herbert Spencer's, et al contributions
-the burgeoning of sexology
-interrogation of articles from Popular Science Monthly
-differences within forums of debate, i.e., oratories, news articles,
political cartoons
-literary reactions
-major and minor voices within the debate

ATQ encourages submissions from scholars in a variety of fields and
disciplines for this issue. Interdisciplinary approaches are especially
welcome. ATQ will have the capacity to reproduce images for this special
issue. Please submit manuscripts (3,000 to 7,500 words, following the MLA
Handbook) by January 21, 2005. All submissions must be accompanied by
sufficient return postage.

Address manuscripts to:
Theresa DeFrancis
ATQ Special Issue Editor—2005
Department of English, Independence Hall
60 Upper College Road, Suite 2
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881

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