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Sophie McCall
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Dear Colleague,

Please consider contributing to our special issue of _Essays on Canadian
Writing_ - and please distribute this Call for Papers widely to your
departments and contacts.

Our best,

Dr. Sophie McCall and Dr. David Chariandy
Department of English
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby BC
V5A 1S6;


Call for papers

A special ECW issue on

Citizenship and Cultural Belonging in Canadian Literature

A TransCanada Project

Guest Editors: David Chariandy and Sophie McCall

Essays on Canadian Writing invites submissions for a forthcoming special
issue on citizenship, one of the key topics of the conference entitled
=8CTransCanada: Literature, Institutions, Citizenship,=B9 held June 23-26, 2005=
in Vancouver. Recently, the term citizenship has migrated from its
traditional home in political and legal discourses, and emerged as a highly
conspicuous and powerful concept-metaphor in global debates on cultural
belonging. We suggest that citizenship is supplementing or even replacing
nationality or the nation as the dominant critical keyword in Canada=B9s
latest era of social change and security concerns. We are inviting papers
that explore what is at stake in this turn to citizenship, particularly in
light of shifting political and institutional structures informing the stud=
of Canadian literature. Besides engaging with the challenges of reading
citizenship in different periods of Canadian history, our issue aims to
explore emergent claims and challenges to citizenship from First Nations,
feminist, postcolonial, and queer studies scholarship. The special issue
will be especially timely since 2007 will mark the 60th anniversary of the
Canadian citizenship act.

Dr. David Chariandy and Dr. Sophie McCall, both in the Department of Englis=
at Simon Fraser University, seek papers that address questions such as the

=85 What are the historical conditions of citizenship (or non-citizenship) in
Canada, and how have critics and cultural producers engaged with these
legacies of inclusion or exclusion?

=85 What is at stake, politically and theoretically, in the recent =8Cturn to
citizenship=B9 in Canadian cultural debates?
=85 How is Canadian citizenship represented during periods of =8Cemergency,=B9
accelerated globalization, and heightened (or thwarted) nationalism?
=85 Is =8Cdiasporic citizenship=B9 or =8Cglobal citizenship=B9 a contradiction in
terms? How have artists both retained and imagined forms of identity that
cut across national borders, and how has citizenship either augmented or
hindered these practices?
=85 How are =8Cthe new humanities=B9 in Canada engaging with the traditional lega=
and political discourses of citizenship?
=85 What is the relationship between Aboriginality, citizenship and the
Canadian state, and/or between mixed race Aboriginal identities and
sovereign movements in First Nations communities?

=85 What has been the impact of Quebec and separatism upon English Canadian
and / or Qu=E9becois articulations of citizenship?

=85 What has been the impact of multiculturalism, as either an official polic=
or social reality, upon contemporary articulations of citizenship?
=85 How do gender identifications and sexualities reinforce or destabilize
state-sanctioned notions of the citizen?
=85 Of what role is cultural memory in the construction of citizenship?

=85 What are the narratives of citizenship, the poetics of citizenship?

Deadline for papers is August 31, 2006.

Full-length papers (@ 5000-9000 words) should follow the submissions
guidelines as posted on the ECW website ( Information i=
also available in the first pages of published copies of the journal.

Contributions should be mailed to:

Dr. Sophie McCall and Dr. David Chariandy
Department of English
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1S6

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