CFP: Of Mice and Men: Animals in Human Perception (Puerto Rico) (1/20/07; CEA-CC, 3/29/07-3/30/07)

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College-English-Association Caribbean-Chapter

College English Association - Caribbean Chapter
Spring 2007 Conference: 29-30 March 2007
"Of Mice and Men: Animals in Human Perception"
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

The CEA-CC Spring Conference will address the general topic of non-human
animals in human perception. We invite proposals for 20-minute papers on
cultural, historic, political and symbolic views and representations of
animals in literature, film, beast fables, bestiaries, fairy tales, myth,
folklore, religion, and societies.
The specific topics to be addressed by the conference will include but not
be limited to Cultural views of Animals; The role of animals in the
Nature/Culture debate; Animals and Liminality; Animal Rights and Speciesism;
Animals and Food; Animals and Gender; Animals and Race; Animals and the
Discourse of Science; Fantastic Animals
Please send 200-250 word proposal to Vartan Messier and Nandita Batra at by 20 January 2007. Proposals may be
sent by
email as part of a text message but not as attachments. Presenters must be
registered members of the CEA-CC at the time of the conference.

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