CFP: Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Slaveries and Freedoms Today (5/1/07; journal issue)

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A Commemoration of the Abolition of the Slave Trade in 1807


Academic papers and creative submissions are invited for this special issue to mark the two-hundredth anniversary in 2007 of Britain's Abolition of the Slave Trade.


EnterText volume 7 number 2


Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Slaveries and Freedoms Today


Submissions are invited by 1 May 2007


Forms of slavery, quasi-slavery and the abuse or exploitation of one group by another remain widespread in the world today. Questions which might be addressed include:


- Slavery, bondage and related un-freedoms around the world: their origins, social organisation, and cultures of validation.

- Identity formation and the Other: who needs outcastes?

- Money and mastery.

- Intervention or reform: at local, national and international levels.

- Diverse definitions of individual and collective rights and responsibilities.

- Philosophy and practice in international law.

- The past and future roles of the United Nations.

- Violence as political tool.

- Media representation and power: news from nowhere?

- Language and licence.

- Circumventing censorship.

- The cultural conundrum: can art represent abuse without abusing?

- Works that have made a difference.


Related creative submissions in any medium suitable for electronic publication are also invited.


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